NLCrit Series Purmerplein Amsterdam – May 10th 2018

The team had a good race yesterday, unfortunately Felix crashed very close to the finish line.

The team was made of:

  • Cedric Scheers
  • Jules De Roeck
  • Kero Aguilar
  • Felix Benois


It looks like the NLCrit Series are gaining in popularity and there was quite a lot of riders at the start on Thursday.

The race started very fast, as usual or maybe even a bit faster and Felix immediately went to the front and as he was very focused, he was able to maintain this position for the remaining of the race.

After a few minutes it was clear that the fastest ones wanted to get rid of the rest and start racing among them. It did not took long before the bunch got split in two groups.

Felix was still maintaining his position hoping he could stay there until the final sprint if any.


Kero, for whom it was the first race this season, Jules and Cedric permanently animated the second group and at some point were about to come over a group with the riders who had to let the first group go lap after lap. They sure gave all they got and therefore had a very good race. There is no doubt they will do the same very soon at the front of their races

Felix was patiently waiting for the sprint to prepare but unfortunately at 3 laps from the finish line, a few riders felt before him and he went directly into the security fences, luckily enough without too many damages even though the crash was spectacular.

Felix fiercely jumped on his bike hoping to finish the race but felt a second time as he literally lost his tire in the next curve.

 Our good friends from Kring where there as well, looking forward to race with you again in the near future. Well don gentlemen !IMG_1061

 Funny situation at the finish as the guy in the lead celebrated too early and saw the second one jump to the line just before him 🙂

 Next race will be in Antwerpen on May 20, we are all excited to race in our own country for the first time this season.

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