CritNL Series MADE April 21 2018

Very happy about the results yesterday: no accidents this time and all QomKom riders finished the race.
The team was made of:

  • Wouter Van Thienen
  • Fabien Sechet
  • Jules De Roeck
  • Felix Benois

During the first rounds, Jules has been very active and maintained his position at the front, even taking the lead for some time.
Wouter and Fabien managed to stay attentive around the 12/15th position while Felix, for whom it was the first race since a long time, was focusing on staying in touch with the first group in case it ever had to split.
Wouter unfortunately unclipped and had to let the first group go. Jules was paying for his efforts during the first rounds and also had to see the leading bunch go.
At mid race, Fabien and Felix were with the first group and Jules and Wouter were leading and animating the second group at approximatively 20″.
Fabien did not have the same legs as two weeks ago and never was able to have impact at the front and was maintaining his position among the 10/15 top ones.
Felix was still in the first group, Fabien collapsed during the last lap, Jules and Wouter never gave up and were able to stabilize the gap.

So, Felix finishes around the 15th position, Fabien 2 or 3 positions behind him and Wouter and Jules leading the second bunch.

All of this is very positive as we went from 5 DNF to all riders ranked ! The team spirit was just excellent and we all look forward to the next race. Add experience, training and luck to this and there is no doubt we will soon be on a podium !

We also had 2 special guests as Thibault Fournal and MattCP did the trip with us. Thibault was involved in a race incident and couldn’t finish while Matt finished at the… 2nd place !!!! Well done mate, you join us whenever you want.

Pictures will be posted soon.


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