NLCrit Series Sittard – June 2nd 2018

The NL Crit race in Sittard was a blast. The race was part of the Hammer Series, and took place on the Tom Dumoulin Bike Park on a fantastic track. Well, fantastic but very technical and challenging as you will read further. This time, almost the entire QomKom board was there to support the riders, with the exception of Wouter who broke his leg a few days ago (don’t ask, the story behind it will remain confidential forever).


The team was made of:

  • Cedric Scheers
  • Jules Deroeck
  • Quentin Moreau
  • Felix Benois

IMG_1271This time, everybody did his best to start from the very first positions and these efforts were paying off as we were ideally placed until Quentin (aka “Le Chamois du Chatelain”) crashed during the second lap. Too bad for him as he shared with us he was in a good day.

IMG_1272Felix did not have his usual legs, he struggled to stay in touch but managed to do it. Unfortunately, in an attempt to come-back closer to the front of the first group, he took some risks and crashed as well 8 laps before the finish. The “Sterke Beer” did as usual, jumped on his bike and tried to finish. He was lapped 3 lap before the finish.

Jules (aka “Le Ouistiti du Canal”) had a great day, and whitout playing a role in front, was able to stay in touch and at the end he ranked 12th which is just…excellent. Jules is currently training very hard and we see the improvements race over race. I know for sure he wants to enter the top 10 in the next race.


Cedric (aka “L’Antilope de Schaerbeek”) did not have much time to train lately but it was obvious that he is getting used to the race rythm. He was lapped but did not save his efforts. Congrats mate !

I am very pleased with this race, maybe not the results we would like to have but a great spirit !!! We continue to improve and with some luck in the coming weeks…we will make it.

IMG_1348.jpg IMG_1349


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